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To the north in the middle of the great collection in the twentieth century

On the first day of the 7th edition of the Bangladera Cricket League, North Zone was on the way to a large total in the first entrances. The Khaled Mashud Pilot team scored 335 races for 2 wickets at the end of the day, against Nayeem and Jahurul in the Rajshahi East Zone. Central Zone advanced 253 runs ahead of South Zone Prior, Majumdar scored 282 races for the first wicket with Abdul Majeed scoring all the bites in the middle. In response, the South made 29 races without losing any wickets.

Since the cricketers of the national team were involved in the Test Series against the West Indies, the Bangladera Cricket League started many unexpectedly. At the outset, many were reluctant but later the cricketers, who were outside the national team, participated in the BCL.

On Rajshahi's first day, Uttar Centers received two hundred on the first day. The Khaled Masud Pilot team received an invitation to hit at the start of the launch. The Varendra region's team started very well. Mizanur and Junaid Siddiqui wrote the morning. After leaving the open part of 67, Junaid returned to 28 races. Farhad, who left the field when he was outside the field after being hit by a great game, was frustrated.

The Nayeem and Farhad consortium lasted only 33 races. Later, the rest of the day, Naeem and Jahurul Islam were governed by Eastern Bokers. Well played. Hundreds of races hit the blade. In the first-class career, 25th century, Haqan Nayeem and Jahurulal 16th. After the end of the day in 235 races, the team scored 335 races for 2 wickets in the score. Rahi and Mahmudalo took two doors to the South.

In Sylhet, the middle class could not be much differentiated. The team, after losing the shot, lost the first time in the group after losing the match. The middle order lost two open battles Lith and Saif Hasan before some races were won on the score.

Paco and Majid did not manage to deal with the shock, but failed. Just return to 23 races calm Later the Marshal, Shuvagat, Taibura returned one after another. However, Abdul Majid played on the one hand of the match.

Majid made 124 against Shahidul Islam in the last wicket. Career Seven Century Shahid also made the first class career first phase. At the end of the day 282 runs are all in the middle. Razzaq and Al Amin took three doors each.

At the end of the day, South Zone made 29 runs without losing any wickets in 5 excesses. Protective Status

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