Friday , August 12 2022

Dango Nu Yen, an actor in the series, died of cancer at the age of 48


This Monday, we learn of the death of Dango Nu Yen, known for his appearances in the series "The Walking Dead." Dango Nguyen, his real name, died of cancer at the age of 48, the Daily Mail reports. The American actor has appeared in several episodes of the horror series, as a guardian of the town of Woodbury (see photo).

He also played in the "Banshee" and "The Originals" series, as he indicated on his Twitter account.

Prior to this actor's career, he, who "has a long and difficult battle with cancer," according to the Daily Mail, has been a firefighter in the United States for 20 years. On the Athens-Clarke County Fire and Emergency Services Facebook page, located in Georgia, a lively tribute was given to him.

"Dango was a sergeant in our department before he left to pursue a career in the entertainment world," reads this long post. Once you are a firefighter, you will be part of our family forever. And Dango was a very recognized member of our family. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Michelle, his family and all his friends. He saved many lives. We will all remember his quick wit, his great energy and his relentless determination. We all aspire to be "strong as Dango". The

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