Thursday , September 29 2022

Don't be fooled by the huge "Celebrity" scam that is circulating on the internet! (Photos)


"Celebrily" is a website that supposedly allows you to get personalized videos of one or more of your favorite personalities. A priori, the site looks good in every respect, featuring an impressive list of comedians, singers, YouTubers, soccer players, influencers, or even reality TV candidates. Nabilla, Kev Adams, Squeezie, EnjoyPhoenix or Kaaris are especially on the list.

Famous screenshot

The operation is very simple: click on one of them, indicate your identity and the nature of your request and receive a personalized video. All of course against money. This is variable, ranging from fifteen euros to over 100 euros!

Except that all this is completely false, and none of the personalities listed on this site have agreed that its image should be used. That is why you will pay for a service that will never happen.

News spread like wildfire on social media. McFly & Carlito YouTubers have been quick to warn their fans on Instagram, asking them never to pay for this kind of service.

Same story for singer Sindy, or YouTUBeur Victor Bonnefoy (Inthepanda) and Jérémie Dethelot, who took the news with more or less humor.

Celebrily's website didn't stop there. He claimed contact with charitable organizations such as The Remaining Heart, or the Abbé Pierre Foundation, which denied any connection with this "company".

This Wednesday evening, at 7pm, the site, which is aimed especially at the youngest and most naive, was out of reach. But better be warned, because anyway these videos will never arrive!

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