Sunday , May 28 2023

Eden Hazard's departure is even more complicated than expected at Real Madrid


At Casa Blanca, no one doubts the intrinsic talent of Eden Hazardneither the players, nor the staff, nor the supporters, nor the observers. But at the end of a men's season, a shame for such a legendary club, and considering the huge amount of money, Real slept 100 million euros (+ 40 bonus), so it was foreseeable that the few facts and gestures of the Brazilian are being watched.

Giving the impression of being heavy and having to wait for the sixth of seven preparatory matches to be decisive, it was already too much for the Madrid media, who gave themselves their heart's content. "Hazard came back with seven extra pounds and lost only half of it," "He's a great artist somewhere between Isco and Cristiano Ronaldo, but much closer to the first," we might read in the local press. Even the fans were not soft. This was in sharp contrast to the climate of collective euphoria that was present in Madrid on June 13, when the presentation of the new rookie attracted no less than 50,000 fans in the urban areas of Santiago Bernabeu.

In the capital, one can worship one day and mock the next. "After the Europa League final everyone here thought he was great, now we hear he's fat and he can't score. Eden Hazard will have to wait to be criticized, even without a real foundation, simply because impatience is a queen in Spain. and even more in Madrid. However, he should be aware that he is discovering a language, a country, a competition, a club. The minimum is to give him time, "says Frederic Hermel, correspondent for L & # 39; Equipe and for RMC, based in Madrid for 26 years. years.

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