Friday , August 12 2022

Federal Government: "The SP.A will not participate if it is for figurative purposes," warns Crombez


While the Flemish negotiations have begun, the federal equation still seems unsolvable.

thee SP.A does not exclude participating in the next federal government if the party needs it, said the president of the Flemish Socialist Party, John Crombez, on VRT on Tuesday evening.

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For the Flemish Socialist, it is impossible for the SP.A to rule at the federal level if the party is considered "superfluous and useless." We are ready to argue, but only if we need to form a government. The chair noted that there are few possible coalitions at the federal level, but that "these choices must be serious."

The strong man of the Flemish socialist party also considers it logical that the president of the PS, Elio Di Rupo, announced yesterday that he does not want to form a federal government, such as the coalition in Flanders (the N-VA), the Open VLD and the CD & V). "To imagine that the PS could complement and dissolve the former partners of the Swedish coalition to form a federal government is an illusion," tweeted the socialist president.

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