Sunday , June 11 2023

Ghent and Antwerp prepared the match in Viitorul together


The Gantoise flies on Wednesday for Romania. It will challenge the Viitorul club on Thursday, in the second leg of the second pre-game of the European League. Initially, this match was for Antwerp, but the CBAS verdict affecting Mechelen had a waterfall. Fortunately Ghent and Antwerp planned the coup.

TheFrom the outset, because we knew there was a doubt about the team that will face Viitorul, we got in touch with our Ghent teammates "explains Frederic Leidgens the Adverb Team Manager, "A story to study all the possible scenarios and say "good now: we'll reserve the plane and whoever needs it,". So it was difficult, but at the same time easy enough to solve so we knew our possible replacement".

Important logistics, which could finally be formal just a week before the event. TheWe did the work together. And by the way, Gent also helped us. Because they played against Viitorul a few years ago. And that's why we decided to sit down at the table, and work with a joint agency that did scenario A and scenario B each time, depending on the team that was going to play the match.The

But if the practical organization is divided, this is not about scouting, for which the two Belgian clubs have produced their own report. TheWe've actually scouted this team several times. Finally, it is Ghent who inherited it. And of course they did well too!The

As Ghent did not make details in the first leg by winning 6-3. In any case, two rival clubs united in preparing a hypothetical match are absolutely exceptional. Even if today in Belgian football, you have to learn to innovate.

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