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Independence Day Independence: Why Will Smith refused to renew his post?

The Independence Day blockbuster in 1996, Will Smith was the biggest blunder in the sequel of the film called Resurgence released at the cinema 20 years later. A television star finds out why the comedian has not returned to his post.

Global success When it was released in theaters in 1996, Independence Day Reported $ 820 million worldwide in a $ 75 million budget. Despite the enormous benefits generated, it took no less than 20 years for the rest of this blockbuster to make its appearance in the cinema. A period of time in which the actors of the first film have of course grown older. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority returned Independence Day: Renewal, With the extraordinary exception of the title of the first film, Will Smith.

Indeed, if you watch TF1 Expect to see the old people Prince Bel Air In this feature film, which will be broadcast Sunday, November 18, 2018 from 21h, they will be very disappointed that Will Smith & amp; Refused to resume his duties as captain Stephen Miller

In this suite. Absence due to the fact that the player preferred to prefer another project that took place at that time, ie Suicide unit.

A naughty writer and not a hero

"I had two scenarios ahead of me, Independence Day 2 and the suicide brigade, and I had to choose between the two, so choosing a suicide team – which is not considered the characteristics of the film – was the choice of" try to move forward in opposition to that of clinging [au passé] And repeat. I really want to go aggressively, do new things, create and create, I hope, a new peak. " Revealed Will Smith & amp; To explain his choice.

In the face of the actor's refusal to resume his role, writers writersIndependence Day: Renewal Made the choice to kill his character. So, Captain Stephen Miller Was dead in an accident, during a test flight to assess the capabilities of individual ships used by aliens, as revealed by the site http://www.warof1996.com/ Launched by the production in addition to the trailer of the film.

Presentation of arable kombat

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