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iPhone: this is why Apple refuses to change the swollen batteries in his Shop, in video


Do you want to replace an iPhone battery that has slightly inflated? The Apple Store will refuse to do so at once – instead you will offer to send the device to a special center. Replace this type of crash battery is really extremely dangerous as this video shows.

IPhone boom

Changing the iPhone battery nowadays is an almost trivial operation: just go to the Apple Store, or the "corner" driver (without offense to the company) and the battery is usually replaced on a day or even after a few hours. But there is a case in which the repair can be much longer: this is when the battery of your smartphone shows swelling signs.

When your iPhone grows …

Apple employees are not allowed to touch such crashes. The risk accidentally knocking these batteries and causing fire during descent is simply too important, as shown in Savior's video. tryagainin47seconds. This shows images of CCTV cameras at his workplace.

tryagainin47seconds has just recovered iPhone 5 whose battery has just been changed: "The battery was replaced by a colleague who originally owned the smartphone, and he thought it was a bad device. The battery started to swell when I loaded it and suddenly tried to disassemble it to try to discover it why "explains the publisher.

While the device was disassembled, it ignored without warning. We see him then throw the camera on the ground and try to extinguish the flames walking on it with his shoes. On the Reddit thread, webmakers point out that even if they seem to have worked in this case, do not try to choke a litter fire with their shoes.

Impressive fire, but we are not too quickly convicted of third parties

I can reach 2000 ° C and it's better to cover it with sand (water is not recommended if it's a lot of lithium reacts very violently with it). Others suggest the unhappy repairer that he will control his lungs – the smoke of the batteries is particularly toxic. We understand why the Apple Store prefers to put these devices into firewall packages before sending them to better-equipped centers.

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However, there are comments that are recommended – probably only for the title -, make the difference. The right to fix electronic devices is a really sensitive theme in the US. Apple is one of the most ferocious companies for third party repairs. One of the company's arguments is that the repairs itself can be dangerous to the user. What seems to show this video – while similar cases are probably not so numerous.

Replacement replacement phone that I have exploded. Fortunately my work has reached it. of r / Wellthatsucks

Source: 9to5Mac, Reddit

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