Friday , October 7 2022

Ketamine poisoning at a gay party in Brussels


Locally, several guests of the gay party were intoxicated and were in the process of becoming ill. One of the victims experienced a hyperventilatory crisis. A total of six drunk customers were forced to be taken to the hospital, said Walter Derieuw, a spokesman for Brussels Fire Department.

The cause of this embryo was in any case not carbon monoxide poisoning, he said. And for good reason: the victims a priori consumed narcotic drugs; probably of poor quality.

According to one source, it could be "ketamine", a powerful anesthetic (but also an anti-depressant and antidepressant), whose medical use has been diverted to making a drug with a strong hallucinatory effect. Sold in the form of a white powder or liquid, it can be swallowed, snatched or injected and causes an impression of separation between the mind and body, which can end in a coma.

Asked, the Brussels Capital / Ixelles police indicate that a judicial inquiry is ongoing and that the establishment has been closed by a police officer. "Only four clients were taken to the hospital and the facility was closed as normal with our agreement," the nightclub manager said.

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