Monday , June 21 2021

Marc Dutroux has fun on the ice and jokes with the other prisoners in Nivelles's patio: the exclusive video!

Julie and Melissa's executioner, who said to be very depressed a few years ago, seems to be winning moral. For proof,
these unpublished documents
who got our writing. Images where Marc Dutroux seems to enjoy the ice caused by the cold joke and jokes with the other prisoners. And despite the temperature, Dutroux faces the gel in shortcuts …

►► Here's the video in its entirety in which we see Dutroux fun

►► Have you never heard Marc Dutroux's voice? Listen to the talk!

The pedophile killer seems to even have fun of the ice and
respond with humor
to prisoners that irony on the situation. «

And Marc, you slipped us There is a prisoner from the window of his cell. «

It's a combustion, right?

« Dutroux responds with a happy tone. We are far from the image that was described to us by its relatives a few years ago.

►► A good way tied to the plan to release him

At the Nivelles jail, Marc Dutroux is subject to a special mode. If he can go to the field, only he who benefits. Strongly organized exploitation, so that no other prisoner can cross his way.

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