Thursday , September 29 2022

MPH: "Everyone knows the intentions of Ochoa"



Prior to moving to the Circle, Michel Preud & # 39; homme revealed the double injury suffered by the Mexican goalkeeper and made a balance of his (great) core.

I went back again. After positive preparation (seven friends, one loss), the Norm begins his season at Cercle Brugge on Saturday night (18h). With a core of 25 players but still without Vanheusden and Sa, the wounded, or Agbo, Oulare and Avenatti, who still do not work with the group. The international ones who returned this week (Fai, Mpoku, Bokadi) can not yet be selected. "But they trained well and they should be considered next week, especially because they will play a game of practice openly closed Tuesday against the Union," revealed a Michel Magazine student at a conference. press this Friday.

And Ochoa? "He's at home but he's injured," said MPH. "We've seen him come out of the Gold Cup final with a suffering sector, but he also has a problem with Achille tendon that has made worse."

The Mexican doorman will not be eligible until at the end of August, at least. Or … at the end of the summer transfer window. "I still do not have a detailed discussion with a Memorandum of his participation, since I have to take care of the team that will start the match this Saturday," said a Member Press. "Everyone knows the initial intentions of Memo and I'm ready to discuss it if a solution will appear, but since a player is in my group, I trust him."

In a golejo, Arnaud Bodart (21) is the largest favorite to start this Saturday at Cercle. Milinkovic-Savid should therefore sit on the bench.

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