Tuesday , January 26 2021

Non-invasive prenatal solution to diagnose earlier … (Leuven)

With a non-invasive prenatal test, it is also possible to detect blood cancer even before the symptoms appear, according to the investigation of KU Leuven's oncology oncology.

This test is best known for controlling chromosome problems, such as Down Syndrome.

Lovain's researchers carried out a blood test of 1,002 patients of 65 years and tried to test for potential tumors in the genetic material. Hodgkin's disease was discovered in five humans. Sixth patient had signs of blood cancer.

The fact that the test reveals patients with Hodgkin's disease shows the new possibilities offered by the test. The originality of the study is to allow the disease to be discovered even before the development of symptoms. Further research now has to analyze whether the test can be done on a large scale.

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