Thursday , January 21 2021

Nuclear power plants not available: Electrabel will use jet engines to avoid shortage


In order to avoid electricity shortage this winter, Engie Electrabel can also use its "turbines", former aircraft carriers, the VRT reports on Thursday.

Engie Electrabel promised the energy minister, Marie Christine Marghem, a further 750 MW in late September to compensate for the inevitability of some nuclear reactors. Since then, 1,143 MW have been found, according to the VRT.

A large part (540 MW) comes from the voluntary contribution of important industrial customers, the gas station in Vilvoorde and two gas turbines at the Langerlo plant. In addition, the energy producer calculates here and there on several diesel or gas emergency generators and, therefore, also on turbines.

Engie Electrabel still has nine of these turbines, all of which can quickly supply 17 MW of extra electricity, which are about eight normal wind turbines.

Engie Electrabel explains on his website that these facilities serve as "high-tech and emergency units to cover unexpected consuming tips and will begin in the event of sudden failure of other production units." They work as an airplane reaction and consist of a compressor, combustion chamber and turbine. "

But these turbines have a high cost of use, their performance is limited and they are more pollute. "You can say more or less that turbines will consume four times more than modern fossils," says Professor Johan Driesen of KU Leuven.

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