Tuesday , January 26 2021

Onofrio became a real estate investor thanks to the transfer of Mangala

Today's manager and sports director of Antverpeno, Lucien Dofofrio also invested in his country in Liège's real estate: a diversification facilitated by the fees he had acquired during the transfer of Eliaquim Mangala from Porto in Manchester City in 2014, we learn from this new installment of Soccer Flights.

It paid 4,210,000 euros for Porto to find a new employer in Eliaquim Mangala, the Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes shared his commission, with Lucien d 'Onofrio and his company in Liège, SPRL Podium. Rather, they received $ 2.00 million.

Created in January 2014 at the home of Lucien onofrio, SPRL is through its branches, business restaurant partners in Liège's urban center and has the property of two other restaurants in the periphery, one in Embourg and the other in Tilff.

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