Thursday , March 23 2023

Pariset | Serious dengue case: The mosquito control operation went perfectly


The inter-ministerial agreement on mosquito control (EID) conducted a mosquito control operation in the city of Seyssinet-Pariset on the night of August 13 to 14, following a report to the Rhône-Alpes Regional Health Agency (ARS) of the case. This is a person who lives in the town and has lived in French Polynesia, where the disease is common (it is called an "imported case").

"Adult treatment scheduled for this morning runs from 3:00 to 3:30," said Emi CEO Rémi Foussadier on Wednesday, August 14th. "The conditions were good. Two treatment teams were mobilized: the first walking (2 people) for pedestrian parts not accessible by vehicle and the second in vehicle (2 people) for treatment of the road. The sector concerned was the south of the Les Cyclamens residence (rue Georges-Maeder) »

As indicated on our website on Tuesday, EID teams must carry out post-treatment follow-up after a mosquito control operation. "The first post-checkup was done on Wednesday morning late in the morning. We observed no tiger mosquitoes," notes Rémi Foussadier.

A second check will be made on Friday, always close to the patient's place of visit »

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