Thursday , March 23 2023

Parking in Brussels: the government wants to implement a new tariff policy


At the same time, 65,000 surface parking lots are expected to disappear by 2030.

theHe Brussels government plans to address parking along sidewalks to reduce car use in the city, reports Echo on Saturday. Approximately 65,000 parking spaces are expected to disappear by 2030. A new pricing policy should encourage the relocation to off-street parks.

Parking is a main lever for changing movement behavior. But the question remains very sensitive. In this context, the general policy statement (DPG) of the new Brussels government is a pause.

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In the chapter on dynamic parking, we can read in particular that the Brussels Region should set itself the goal of reducing the influence of parking on public space and take any initiative aimed at promoting the transfer to parking outside. way.

The total supply for street parking is around 265,000 places (compared to 293,000 in 2005), which is equivalent to one place for five Brussels residents. The Region aims to reduce this number by 65,000 seats by 2030, while increasing the off-road parking by 20,000 seats for residents.

As set out in the regional mobility plan currently in the public survey, the pricing policy will need to be revised to make off-street parking more attractive.

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