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Radiant, Christina Milian reveals her baby bumped and confides in her pregnancy (photo)


Christina Milian reveals her baby and confides in her pregnancy (photo)

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A bright smile, radiant face and a splendid silhouette. No doubt, pregnancy is going to be fun! In her Instagram account, Matt Pokora's sweetheart, Christina Milian, is revealing her baby. "Being pregnant again is a whole new experience", a legendary American star. In short, she explains, he has gone through a "long and exhausting" first quarter.

The couple shared the happy news on social media on July 28. The two girlfriends posted themselves with a photo of the first ultrasound and commented "The sequence is on its way!". A post that collected almost 600,000 "like" and almost 25,000 comments. Fans of the couple were excited and congratulated them massively.

Since August 2017, the singer Matt Pokora (33 years old) and the American singer Christina Milian (37 years old) are very much in love. Both live in Los Angeles, United States. The singer and actress is also the mother of a 9-year-old girl named Viola.

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