Saturday , April 1 2023

recognize his sting, what kind of health is it?


Originally from Asia, the tiger mosquito is implanted and active in several departments in France. What does his sting look like? What to do? What diseases can be transmitted? Is it really dangerous? Answers with Stéphane Gayet, infectologist.

The tiger mosquito, or aedes albopictus, is a mosquito originally from Asia, but is present in most countries. "He arrived in Europe in the 2000s, by plane, or more likely by boat, because the life of mosquitoes is related to humidity"explains Stéphane Gayet, an infectiologist at the Chu in Strasbourg. "It's called a tiger mosquito in ra reference to the white lines that line his body and his black legsThe, he says. The main problem of this mosquito is that it can carry diseases, such as chikungunya virus, or dengue fever. "However, it is very rare that we find these viruses in our country"adds the specialist.

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