Sunday , May 28 2023

screaming with laughter, a teenager puts his puppy in the dryer … and starts it! (Video)


Live on Instagram, a young American girl had the (very) bad idea of ​​putting her dog in a towel. While filming herself, the teen explains to her followers what she aims to do. Poor Shih Tzu obviously doesn't understand what happens to her when she runs, before closing the door on him yelling at her.

She then sets the machine in motion, and the dog, powerless, is wandered in and out. After a few seconds, during which she screams with laughter, the girl releases her animal, visibly amused by the abuse caused by Shih Tzu. Viewers of the video seemed to enjoy the show, commenting "emojis" "laughing dead". "Really sorry" can we hear him tell his white and gray dog ​​at the end of the video.

Police officers who believe the video was shot in Texas think they have identified the author of the facts. "We will not identify her publicly because she is a minor," police said. The case is under investigation for cruelty to animals. "In addition to being reprimanded by the courts and eventually convicted of a cruel animal, this insensitive teenager is forced to go to 'counseling' sessions where she could take a lesson in empathy, which she lacks so much," said PETA director Elisa Allen, in Mirror.

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