Wednesday , October 5 2022

The crew worries about a couple late


The 2019 version of "Cruise Fun" could be called "The Crew Makes Trust". While a ship was just leaving, a crew member was filmed saying goodbye (ironically?) To a couple staying at the dock. The facts happened a few days ago on the island of St. Martin, in the Caribbean.

Pictures filmed from another boat show the helplessness of the strikers, seeing the "Freedom of the Seas" take off without them. The author of the video, who wanted to immortalize the scene, was suddenly grabbed by a staff member who gestured with a huge foam hand on which was written "up to".

This gesture, fun for some, distressing for the primary stakeholder, embarrassed the company. The spokesperson for the Royal Caribbean wished to give his version of the facts to the Sun.. As for "seafaring", he makes sure that the signs of their employee were not directed at the couple, but at the other boat. "The crew often greet each other in this way. But we regret the inconvenience to our customers," he says, encouraging passengers to always be on board again at the scheduled time.

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