Sunday , June 11 2023

Thunderstorms win the Liege province: "It's the flood!"


After the hot wave that hit the country, a place of stormy rains. Yellow alert was published by the Royal Meteorological Institute.

The MRI warned. On Friday night and night, the frequency of thunderstorms will become more important and the risk will extend to the entire territory. They can be intense, accompanied by hail and fast speeds.

As a result, yellow storm warning was published by the Meteorological Institute. I extend until Sunday at 5 o'clock and concern all regions of the country.

Prior to these forecasts, Brussels regional parks are closed to the public since 14th of Friday, said Builder Environment by means of a statement.

First storms hit the region of Liege

With our orange button Attend to us, you reported the arrival of thunderstorms. At the age of 16, these storms were predominantly manifested in Liege province.

At 15:00, Jean-Louis told us that "huge feathers" now fall on Disy, in Liege province. A few kilometers away, the same observation. In Welkenraedt, Alain also surprised this sudden storm, as it shows the photos they sent to us.

"It's the flood!", adds Rosalia. On the side of Visé, still in the province of Liege, "the sky swallows, rains, but still warmth", we are signatured by our orange button Attend to us." The storm is near, its noise on Liege! Are we finally spirits? "Ask Adrien.

"Flood on Verviers, a great storm with much hail and much wind", writes Veronique.

MRI forecasts for the coming days

On the night of Friday to Saturday, The mines can drop slightly below the 20th mark in many regions. On the other hand, the risk of thunderstorms will grow.

SaturdayThe weather will be unstable with regular cloud periods and, in many places, rain or sometimes stormy rains. The action will vary greatly from one region to another, but locally the thunderstorms can be intense, with the risk of accumulation of significant rains and possibly hail. I will be less warm with maximum between 21 ° at the coast and 26 ° or 27 ° in Kempen. The weather will be drastically drained during the weekend with stormy rains and sometimes abundant rains. The maximum will be below or near 25 °.

SundayWe still wait for periods of rain or rainy sometimes stormy. In the afternoon or at the end of the day, the weather could become drier than the French border. The maximum will generally be between 19 degrees in high edges and 23 degrees in Kempen. The wind will generally be moderate from the west to the northwest.

Monday, the sky will be divided between thunderstorms and cloud periods in generally dry weather. The maximum will be between 20 or 21 degrees on the Ardennes hills and about 25 degrees in the center. Weak to moderate southwestern wind

Tuesdaythe weather could become more varied with increased local rainfall risks. The maximum will be between 20 degrees in Ardennes and 24 or 25 degrees in the center.

WednesdayUnder changing sky, the risk of some local rains will be maintained with maximums of 20 to 24 degrees.

Thursday, the weather must become drier, under heaven divided between cloudy and cloudy fields. Maximum up to 25 degrees.

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