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"Villon's victory is connected to the superhuman commitment of a 62-year-old guy"

By winning only seven minutes and eight seconds before Francois Gabret's boat, Captain Francis Vionne, 62, won the second largest race in the history of Road Road on Sunday, November 11. Since his first edition, in 1978. Personal achievement to win the style of symbolic opposition: At the age of 35, his dolphin embodies a younger generation of skipper, on the verge of new ships and leveraging new technologies foils, these appendages on the ships of the ship that allows them to navigate on the water under certain conditions .

For Christian Le Pappe, director of the offshore Finestair sailing ship, many accidents that have experienced the ultimate during the race do not call into question the relevance of this technological development, which should soon be adopted by all in the main category of boating. The coach praised the historic appearance of Francis Vion and the opposition of Francois Gavret, whom he hosted in the preparation camp before Road Rom – along with three other Ultimate Teams from six entered the competition.

What could Francis Vion win in Guadeloupe: an excellent racing strategy or the delay of Francois Gebert, who slowed the damage?

A little about both, but it is very difficult to relativize this victory because it is beautiful, it is honest, it deserves. Gion's success is related to the character, the superhuman commitment of a 62-year-old guy. This puts man at the level of his race in the maritime race: Skipper is not above technology but the two must work in harmony, and that was the case.

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Young and old, an almost bald man and a blond man with abundant hair, a twelve-year-old boat and another one that had been renovated

Francois [Gabart] Was forced to crawl literally for most of the race after returning to his right wheel and foiled. It's like running with your broken right hand and your left foot broken, it gives you an idea of ​​the difficulty! He still finished the race in peak periods of the event, and you have to imagine what it was with the potential remaining intact.

This rum road is also historical, because it brings together all the media: young and old, bald and blond with abundant hair, a boat at the age of 12 and another one that has been renovated to fly. Not to mention bypassing Guadeloupe a lot of criticism, but it gives all the intensity to get it strong. There are all the arguments of the fantastic melodrama. It is the emotion that explains the enthusiasm of the spectators from St. Malo, as in front of their screen at four in the morning to follow the end of the test.

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Does this edition of the rum track confirm the good place of the French School of Marine Race in the international arena?

The French are everywhere in the international arena, and that is what we are most proud of. They proved that the Road du Rhum was an adventure, but also a very high level sport. We have this mixture in one week: the fantastic boats that start from the start, the dramas of the abandoned, fortunately with only one emergency beacon and never disappear. All ingredients have to do this fantastic race.

Everyone in the industry, apart from Francis J. Villon: It does not make federal sense because it's not his interest, it's apart from any system and I think it makes the script pretty attractive. People who have been trained within the Federation have not won, and it is always frustrating, but training can not compensate for the unreliability of a boat, or experience for Skipper.

Four of the six committed Ultimate suffered great damage. Is there a lesson to learn from this boat fly technology test?

The negative weather conditions did not allow these flying boats to show their full potential. They really like albatrosses, and their giant wings can keep them from going. In flight, they are beautiful, but when you cut some of the wings, it does not work anymore. This disappointment is a shock to the history of ocean racing, a permanent compromise which occurs by the cycle. The boats fly under certain conditions, but not under extreme conditions.

Not the car, not the motorcycle, maybe even the plane experienced such evolution in terms of speed

Moreover, if this type of foils is a revolution for monohulls, it is a simple evolution for multihulls. The boat of Francis Vion is also equipped, but they only come to ease the boat, not fly it. It is a boat that has won three times the road rum road, which is also a lesson of humility: the time of stabilization of the boats is crucial, and the latest foils are recent. Michelle Desjoyaux, for example, spoke well of the youth of the Ultimate Fleet, which needs time to be very effective, but it will no doubt be.

Within forty years, the boats increased their speed by four, and the Romans of the road traveled twenty-two days in 1977 against seven days today. There are not many sports or technological areas that can boast of it: not the car, not the motorcycle, maybe even the plane experiences such a development in terms of speed.

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