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Volkswagen will change their logo


It is extremely rare for a manufacturer to change its logo. This is what Volkswagen is about to do! Although it is one of the most emblematic badges in the automotive industry, since 1938, Volkswagen wants to make a strong mark on its electrification.

Volkswagen wants to make history at the next Frankfurt Motor Show. For the German manufacturer, this event will have the same level of importance as the unveiling of the Beetle or Golf. And for a cause! The "ID.3", the first car in the "I.D. »100% electric, it will be revealed. To highlight this milestone in electrification, Volkswagen will even change its logo design.

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Ralf Brandstätter, Volkswagen's chief operating officer in the private vehicle division, said of this important move:

"The Frankfurt IAA will be a key milestone in Volkswagen's strategic reorientation. The results of our work will be clearly visible with ID.3 and the new brand design. We look forward to the presentation New Volkswagen to the public. News

For the manufacturer, « New Volkswagen »Is not just a compelling marketing strategy. There is also an ideology that underlies it. Of course, the question of electrification is a part of it – with the introduction of ID.3 it is quite obvious – but consumers' perception of the car is central to this stylistic overhaul. A new approach that is manifested by a different interaction between the car manufacturer and users. Volkswagen Marketing Director Jochen Sengpiehl describes this new vision:

"In general, the goal, in the future, will no longer be to show a perfect advertising world. We want to become more human and lively in our presentation, focus more on the client's point of view and tell authentic stories. News

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A major change
In the wake of the all-azimuth program called "Tranform 2025+", Volkswagen's image will not recreate in one go. The magnitude of the change is monumental to the manufacturer. No less than 70,000 logos will need to be replaced all over the world, as will the corporate images of some 10,000 dealers around the world.

The first step will be almost immediately and naturally in Wolfsburg, at the brand's registered office. Subsequently, the whole of Europe will be transformed – again in September 2019. Next month, it will be China's turn, and then the overhaul will cross the Atlantic in 2020.

Volkswagen did not incur the costs associated with this image change. We obviously doubt that the bill should be very salty!

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