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why do you suffer from it and how to treat the pain?


Back pain is the pain of the century: over 90% of the population would suffer from it. Whether it's due to unusual stress or regular stress, there are many ways to make it go away.

Why do you have back pain?

There are many reasons for pain. First of all, when you are unusual in your back, carrying heavy loads or sitting for a long time while traveling by car, you may have a lumbago, that is, the appearance low back pain.

Back pain can also occur during stress or overwork. The body then reacts by twisting its muscles. The back, which is a complex muscle area, is a prime target.

Third cause: sedentary life. Not exercising results in muscle weakness, which can lead to chronic low back pain.


Does sedentary life increase the risk of back pain? So move on! Take time to walk, stretch, and strengthen your abdominal belt to reduce the load on your back. Focus on practices such as swimming, yoga and brisk walking.

If your job forces you to spend the day behind a computer, also consider doing quick exercises during the day.

Consult for surgical management

In the case of chronic back pain, disc herniation or sciatica, the solution may be surgery. But keep in mind that this option should only appear as a last resort. In addition, it is decided by the patient but also by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals.

In the case of herniated discs, for example, the surgical act may be necessary to eliminate the neuralgia by removing the compression of the nerve by the hernia. In 80 to 85% of cases, surgery allows significant relief in the patient.

Osteoarthritis: a less invasive surgical technique

To cure certain conditions of the lower back, surgeons make the choice of osteoarthritis. This technique involves merging one or more painful vertebrae of the lumbar area to reduce movement between them and relieve pain.

It is used in cases of age-related back pain, injury or back fracture, or other pain.

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