Friday , August 12 2022

Why putting melted chocolate in your vagina is dangerous


Gluttony and lust are deadly sins. Together they can be dangerous to your health. In bed, many couples like to add some spice using foods like whipped cream and strawberries.

Some also like to use melted chocolate during prologue. And it is against this sexual practice that doctors have given a warning.

Shree Datta, gynecologist interviewed by the Daily Star, recently explained that it is dangerous to insert molten chocolate into your partner's vagina. Even more so if it's too hot.

"The chocolate is not dangerous if used on the outside of the private parts, but afterwards you must clean the area to prevent infections and irritation", she said.

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If you insert hot chocolate into your partner's vagina, it could lead to burns, irritation, infections or even more serious problems.

Chocolate can cause the development of bacteria and endanger the balance of vaginal flora.

Once weakened, this can promote the development of mycosis or vulvovaginitis, which can sometimes be very painful and lead to long treatments. This would then have a major impact on overall health and decrease sexual activity … which was not the aim of the game at all.

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