Friday , January 15 2021

Yellow vests Foliage and tartar: The blockage will continue Monday (Pictures)


Hundreds of civilians were still present on this Sunday night in Fallujah.

Wearing their yellow vests, citizens are still blocking Monday morning entries to the Total Pluy website and the Hainaut Tanking Tertre Center. The traffic that began on the night between Thursday and Friday was due to end this Sunday.

The protestors are not opposed and definitely want to be heard. "I have been sleeping about ten hours since Thursday night", Admitted Phillip Sunday, one of the citizens present before the network of the refinery of Ploy. "But it has to move, if the government does not want to listen to us, we will go to the end, and if it is not this blockage it will be something else … They know our demands so we are waiting for their response."

These citizens, who were still in attendance for 100 on Sunday, protested the rise in fuel prices, but also against various government measures. "Our goal is to get the government to respond"Phillip continues. "More and more citizens are struggling to finish their month while politicians are making money, and it's the next politicians to come and impose measures on us to save money.

Specifically, these yellow vests block the access of the site to fuel transport trucks so that they can not fuel the various gas stations in the area. "We are just letting trucks carrying heating oil come in. We are not going to prevent people from getting warm, and what we want to block is trucks from the big companies, because every liter of unsold fuel is money that does not go to the state through taxes."

But what are the real consequences of this action? Gas pumps in the region have significant reserves. Therefore, the direct effect can not be quantified. But some stations in Hainaut already suffer from lack of supplies. Alternatives, including from abroad or the railroad tracks installed at the refinery, must be taken over.

Police can operate on Monday

The demonstrators are completely pacifists. Around the braziers, they converse with each other to pass the time while blocking the entrances. "Everything happens in a very peaceful climate", Commented the mayor of Sanpé Bénédicte Survey (MR). "There is no impediment to movement, from time to time they slow the cars to distribute leaflets, but that's all."

The Hot Sun police were present on Saturday and Saturday to prevent possible accumulation. On this Sunday, which marked the Pacific, the police were no longer present. But how long will it last? "At the moment there is no decision to force them to leave"In any case, the bourgmestre promises. "But we will make a new point on Monday morning with the police management of the total according to the evolution of the situation."


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