Sunday , June 11 2023

A player pays homage to a dog who died with a Skyrim mod


There is no doubt that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has several modifications spread across the network, but we believe that few can play as well as "Murphy," created by modifier Daniel to honor his dog, who died in 2018.

The project in question was ready last year, but only now has the modifier decided to make everything open to the public. That way, those interested in controlling your work can download the files via Nexus Mods.

"I was very close [de Murphy, o cachorro] and we could understand each other in a way that I couldn't even understand from other people. As you can imagine, your loss was devastating to me. I left contact with the world for weeks, and working on this mod was my only solace for a while, "Daniel explained to the Eurogamer website, noting that Murphy was the family's first pet.

(Source: Eurogamer / Breeding)

Extra protection

To keep the dog, those who download the fashion will realize that it cannot be attacked. Daniel did it purposely because "he didn't want to bring his pet back so he could be killed by a gambler." However, it can help combat by offering some passive capabilities such as energy regeneration and some others.

Finally, the modifier mentioned that there are still some adjustments to this modification, and he plans to create a small search to adopt Murphy as well as make the modification available to Xbox. "Take good care of my boy. He'll take care of you," Daniel finished while chatting with the Eurogamer website.

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