Thursday , June 17 2021

Camilla Queiroz changes from visual to a new novel. Let's see!

The change, made by Lucas Vieira, shows the actress the appearance of her character, Vanessa Diaz, the partner of the villain Jeronimo (Jesuíta Barbosa).

"I think it's the foundation to become a role that helps us create, understand the character's universe and tell the story better, but of course, every change is change," said actress Patricia Kogut.

In the story of Isabelle de Oliveira and Paula Amaral, Camilla's character will be an artist. The actress participated in workshops with the actors, took dance lessons and immersed herself in the universe of the 90s, the period when the story was decided.

"I was looking for information about Rio from that period, and the memories I had from my family in the 90s are inside (this is Ribeirão Preto native) and everything is warmer, is not it, but if I'm not mistaken, the team is almost like a good world! "It would be good to meet these people who were with me when I did Mafalda, he helped create Mafelda and we are repeating this partnership."

On the field, Camilla will again record with Calder Toledo, her husband, as happened in the Mundo בום boom!

"It's great that both of them are in the same production, and even if it's not the opposite, it would be good to participate in the project together.

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