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Carol Bittencourt's husband is charged with manslaughter

Caroline Bittencourt's husband, businessman Jorge Sestini, has been indicted by the São Paulo Civil Police for killing – with no intention of killing – for the model's death on April 28 in boat in Ilhabela, on the coast of Sao Paulo.

The investigation ended on Friday (16) and referred the prosecutor, who will decide, based on investigations, whether Sestini will be responsible for the woman's death. The prosecution may also request the case file or further investigation of the case.

"The police investigation was reported to the court of the police authority responsible for Sebastian's 1st PD, this Friday (16). The driver of the ship was charged with murder," said the Sao Paulo Public Safety Bureau. in a statement. .

The punishment for murder is one to three years in prison.

In May, Almeida Filho's deputy Vanderlei, who was responsible for the investigations, had already given indications that he would report to Sestini. According to his statements, the merchant was warned by the owner of the port, in São Sebastião, off the coast of São Paulo, that time would pass and that he would go to the area where the two were leaving.

Also according to the document signed by Filho and read in Record's Alert City program, the merchant risked steering the boat and even warned that he was going overboard with his wife. At that time a storm hit the boat and caused the model would fall and sink.

Police heard testimony from the owner of the port where the boat was thrown into the sea. It is reported that Sestini was warned two days before bad weather and was warned about the risks with messages in the WhatsApp chat application. As a result, having seen the messages and still driving, he would have assumed the immediate risk of an accident in a behavior that was described as careless and guilty.

On May 7, conversation hearings between Sestini and the owner of the doorway were circulated by police to the press.

According to the messages, the first warning of bad weather was sent by Lenildo, owner of the port, in the afternoon and Sestini responded at 3:44 pm thanking the warning.

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"George, okay? Look there, if you can predict that the weather will be ugly. They've already sent an alert from Itanhaém. The channel here, behind the island, is getting worse, a customer can't even navigate there." Embrace, "said Lenildo.

"Thank you, Magrão! Thank you for taking care of us. Calm down, I'm here on the channel, I have to get there around 5:30 pm. Thank you," replied George.

A second message, then, was sent by the professional at around 5.15pm, but there was no response from the couple. The galley that killed Caroline Bittencourt struck Ilhabela around 5 pm that day.

"Hey, George, how are you? The deal is ugly, man. The channel is closed, it's ugly, and it's not expected to end any time soon. You better not even try to cross the channel because you sunk the channel. So you better stay overnight and tomorrow if the weather is cool, you'll leave early and leave. Because business is ugly today. Better stay tomorrow when it's better. Confirm me there, hug. "

The model was found at Praia das Cigarras, which is four kilometers from where it disappeared. The boat the couple used for the crossing to Ilhabela was in Caraguatatuba. Caroline left behind a 17-year-old daughter.

The report could not be reached by Jorge Sestini until the end of this text.

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