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Cassio Gabus Mendes is given for Orphans of the Earth, a next novel of the six

With the series of delay, Cassio Gabus Mendes was left with a paper that was from Jose de Abeu (Disclosure)

With the series of delay, Cassio Gabus Mendes was left with a paper that was from Jose de Abeu (Disclosure)

The series Aracy, the angel of Hamburg, to be produced by TV Globe, ended up being delayed until the second half of 2019. With this, the division that was reserved for the production began to be released to other attractions of the station.

According to Colombian Patricia Kogut, actor Cassio Gabus Mendes, for example, who planned to live a consular in the series, will be in the next six novel. In Orphans of the Earth, he will play a millionaire, a role that would be José de Abreu, who ended up being "relocated" to Walcyr Carrasco's next plot on the Nine Days, Happy Days.

The angel of Hamburg would start production in January, but the author Mario Teixeira will have to make a series of changes in the text that made the schedule very tight and the station chose to delay production for the second half.

The plot of the new series tells the story of Aracy Moebius de Carvalho Guimarães Rosa, wife of the writer Guimarães Rosa. She, who worked at the Brazilian consulate in Germany, helped Jews escape from the Nazi regime. Sophie Charlotte and Matthew Solano will be the protagonists of the attraction directed by Jayme Monjardim.

Earth Orphans

Author of Thelma Guedes and Duca Rachid, Earth Orphans already have some important names in the cast. This is the case of Letícia Sabatella and Danton Mello, who will have great characters in the new plot.

Besides them, they are Jayme Matarazzo, Alice Wegmann, Eliane Giardini, Paulo Betti, Nicette Bruno, Herson Capri, Renato Góes, Marco Ricca, Leona Cavalli and Simone Gutierrez.

Kaysar Dadour, who has been involved in the latest Big Brother Brazil edition, has also made tests for the novel and will have a real role in history. This, however, will not be the ex-b debut as an actor. He also appeared as a prisoner in the series inspired by the series Carcereiros, starring Rodrigo Lombardi.

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