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confers 15 dikes that will help you save – Seleções Brasil


  • 1 – Make a plan

    As with any contract, it is critical to evaluate the cost of a health plan. Be careful and avoid compromising on values ​​that you will not be able to afford or that will leave the budget very "tight".

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  • 2 – Find the values

    There are several companies that offer health plans. And, like any market, competition must be evaluated. Research the values ​​and know the health plan best meets your needs without compromising both the family budget.

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  • 3 – Co-participatory health plan

    One of the benefits of coparticipatory health plan is that the monthly rate tends to be lower. In addition, this is a model suitable for people who do not have chronic illnesses or rarely use medical services.

    In this plan, when the service is used, the client pays a fee, in addition to the monthly fee, which may be a fixed amount or a percentage of the procedures used, such as consultations, medical emergencies, exams and hospitalizations.

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  • 4 – Choosing the ideal plan

    Individual or family plans are usually more expensive than business or group plans.

    But stay tuned. Nem always the cheapest is also the best. The point here is to compare services and analyze the ideal plan for your profile.

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  • 5 – Plans and accommodations

    Some health plans may be more expensive, considering the available accommodations. If a company offers nursing options or a private room, for example, the first alternative will be more expensive. In this case, assess for any illness or need for hospitalization as a frequency.

    Nurses usually take care of two to three people, with the right to visits but without permission for companions, different from the rooms.

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  • 6 – Coverage of the plan

    When hiring a health plan, prices may vary, depending on coverage. An option with national care tends to be more expensive than a regional network. Therefore, if the client does not usually leave town frequently, a regional health plan may be more appropriate.

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  • 7 – Surplus coverage

    Health plans usually offer packages as services that, at the same time, may be unnecessary for the client. For example, a single homemaker will not need obstetrics. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the contract and the services offered, being able to withdraw or include services according to the profile.

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  • 8 – Price of exams

    For those who pay for a health plan with co-participation, it is best to research the prices of the exams before taking them. That's because the customer will have to pay some of the amount collected.

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  • 9 – Follow the medical recommendations

    To avoid bigger problems and, in the case of co-ownership plans, but more expensive, it is always best to follow the medical recommendations. Also, health complications tend to be avoided and the use of the plan and costs reduced.


  • 10 – Portability

    According to the new portability rules of health plans, if you are dissatisfied with the service, the cancellation will not have to be done.

    O it is advisable to request portability for another plan, being from the same company or another. If the plan is canceled, when contracting another one, the client will have to enter a new plan, having to fulfill the periods of deficiency or temporary partial coverage of the new contract.

    As for drinking, however, the deadlines met in the current plan will be counted in the new plan, not needing to follow again.

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  • 11 – Read the pitch of the plane

    As with any account, failing the health plan can come with incorrect services or values. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the collection and avoid paying for unused services or improper fees.

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  • 12 – Question the medical procedures

    Of course we have to trust the doctor and his recommendations. But, at times, a professional can ask for procedures that could be cheaper or avoided. Therefore, always try to understand what is being requested and what your needs are.

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  • 13 – Income tax

    If part of your budget is committed to a health plan, know that it is possible to declare this expense and guarantee an income tax deduction.

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  • 14 – Do exercises

    If your goal is to spend less on medical expenses, prevention is the best way. Therefore, do physical exercises and keep your health up.

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  • 15 – Healthy Eating

    In addition to physical exercise, it is important to maintain a healthy diet to prevent illness and other health problems. Also, the costs of both the plan and the medical procedures will be reduced.

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