Sunday , January 24 2021

MC Kapela says "almost dead" punk dance that left 3 dead – News

Funkeiro says he lost sneakers, a hat and a microphone while trying to escape while throwing gas bombs at the stage. If it happened on Saturday (17)

A fun dance

MC Kapela, who appeared in the "bullet-singing", last Saturday (17), when There was a commotion with the arrival of the prime minister and three people were trampled, Used the social networks to position themselves on what happened:

The European Union [estava] Poetry and depths were a fuel pump. At the microphone I said, 'Something's going on there.' My producer said to continue the show. I continued the show and had a fuel pump in our direction, "says Funkeiro.

Miquelie Maria de Lima Lira, 27, Marcelo do Nascimento Maria, 34, and Ricardo Ferreira da Silva, 21, died after being trampled during the punk on the wild street in the Pimentes neighborhood of Guarulhos.

After bombing the stage, Kapella says she warned that because of the police she would stop the show and leave. According to the singer, his team began to leave the stage, but before leaving the "locked everything."

Also called: "pain without medication," says the cousin of the victims trampled punk dance

"They started to step on their backs, [para trás] My sneakers, my hat, my microphone. I almost died, I was one of the victims, and now they are trying to find the culprit and blame me, "says the singer, who says he did not provoke his fans to rebel against the police.

for R7, The SSP-SP (Public Security Secretariat of the State of Sao Paulo) said that the military police "initiated a military military investigation to determine all the circumstances of the incidents and to see whether there was a connection between death and an attempt to approach, in which suspects fled to the party."

The report asked who the "suspects" were, as the briefing pointed out, what crimes they committed and why the military police used bombs in the crowd, and said the questions were being investigated by the civilian and military police.

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