Monday , March 8 2021

Mega Sena accumulates for the fifth time in a row and will pay R $ 33 miles

No one hit the six dozen Competition of Mega Sena, Which continued on Wednesday night in the city From Mannheimers, B Minas Grays. The prize, which was R 27 million, Earned by The fifth time in a row And now you can pay R 33 million In the next painting, b Saturday.

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Mega Sneh has not been hit ever since to draw for October 25, When the owner took the prize $ 20 million. According to Federal Reserve Bank, 186 gambling hit the corner and will take R $ 14,941.13 Each. The court already had 10,842 winning bets, which they would receive R $ 364.20 Each. Total collection is over R $ 52 million.

Those who want to bring the $ 33 million in the next competition can place the bets until 17:00 (Brasilia) on the day of the next drawing on Any lottery in the country. The minimum bet, of 6 numbers, costs R $ 3.50. The higher the number of numbers, the higher the bet The greater the chance Billing Brazil's most coveted prize.

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