Friday , January 22 2021

"More than 10 thousand," says Marilia Gabriella on an interview with Altas Horace on 11/18/2018

Marilia Gabriella was already a candidate for the biggest interviewer of the Brazilian press. She was on "Altas Horas" on Saturday night (18) and talked about her career. Sergeant Jano Groisman asked her if she could tell which interview she liked most, what the journalist could not answer.

I can not go in. I interviewed so many interesting people, I really like it for anyone who is willing to answer questions and enrich me because I get rich in the respondents' answers. To ask if she would know how many interviewed her.

"More than ten thousand, light," he said.

The singer Paolo Ricardo, who was also invited to the show, asked Marilia whether she could know who was the worst interviewer of her career in the various stations.

"Some of them pissed me, but I would not do the chutzpah they did with me to urinate on me, so I will not say anything," he laughed.

The 70-year-old journalist also said she had tried other careers until she got the right job.

"I wanted to be a long time before I got to journalism, I went to medicine because I wanted to do psychiatry, I did not go in. I paid for psychology, I stayed for a year, that's not what I wanted … I came to Sao Paulo, where I still paid for film and advertising, 39 in the air and said, "That's what I want to do, the same person who travels, interviews people and still wins to do it." Eventually I asked for a job in Globo, "he said.

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