Tuesday , January 26 2021

Oliveira Energia has established a consortium for the evaluation of Amazonas Eletrobras distributor

Olivier Energy has set up a consortium with partners to assess possible participation in an auction on Nov. 27, in which state-owned Eletrobras will try to sell its Amazon power distributor, the chief executive said today. of the company. Group.

With the thermal generation activity in the north of the country, Oliveira was virtually unknown in the rest of the country until surprisingly when the August expiry of the privatization proposal for Boa Vista Energia, the subsidiary Eletrobras responsible for the supply of Roraima.

Now, the company analyzes Eletrobras Distribuição Amazonas along with three potential partners, including Atem, a fuel distributor who has already joined the group in purchasing Roraima distributor.

"This is a group of four interested companies, Oliveira and three other companies, I can not say the names of others … For such a mission you need to leverage resources, and in this group it is easier" Olivier's Energy, Urine Olivier.

The decision to enter the auction, however, has not yet been taken, and companies have closely monitored federal government moves to increase the attractiveness of the Eletrobras debt distributor in Amazon and prevent auctions from failing.

In the midst of these efforts, the government released two provisional measures last week, one of which seeks to resolve a responsibility of about 3 billion Rice for electricity in the Amazon by providing funds to the sector to compensate the company for expenses previously classified inefficient by the National Energy Agency (ANIL) .

"It is a very arduous task, but we will be there, the group analyzes, there is another week to go … What we see is that the government urgently has to solve this problem," said Oliveira.

In this assessment, the group has been recommended by Thymos Energy Consulting, according to management.

According to Thamos director Thandans Prandini, MPs published by the government "Help, but not solve" the difficult situation of Amazonas Eletrobras.

According to her, there are still some uncertainties, since the approval of MPs by Congress and the high obligations of the distributor is not safe.

"Only the MP does not solve it, there is a lot of it still in the loop and should be rolled in a very short period of time, basically in relation to the debt, which today is monstrous, how much … Need more clarification, "said the director.

In addition to the Oliveira group, Equatorial Energy also expressed interest in Altruvers Amazonas, but IEC executives said before the publication of MPs who still saw high risks in the business and waited for government measures to increase the attractiveness of the tender.

Equation did not comment on the development of its interest in the auction after the publication of MPs.

Good vision

At the same time evaluating Eletrobras Amazonas, Oliveira Energy is preparing to take over the activities of Boa Vista Energy as of December 1, according to the group's president.

According to the company's privatization rules, the distributor's new operators will have to contribute about R $ 176 million to the company and still pay R $ 297 million to the state of Roraima to offset the incorporation by Boa Vista Energia of the assets of the former CERR company.

"We are ready to make the contribution to take over society, with the grace of God," said Olivier.

A consortium between Oliveira Energia and Atem won the concession of Roraima distributor for a symbolic value of about 50 thousand Rice, related to the company's investment and investment commitments.

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