Sunday , June 11 2023

Risk of 'running away with money' is cited by members of Miner – Negocios


Interestingly, one of the risks listed by the Miner Investor's solo partners for the contributions made to the client's hair was precisely the disappearance of resources. In addition to sudden market fluctuations, an email sent to customers cited the threat of "Me and Rene running away with money." The message refers to Geraldo Vieira and Rene Silva, partners of the Miner.

As the Northeast Daily reported in the ontem edition, a group of South Korean investors has the resources to spare by dealing with a company operating in the financial market without having the CVM authorization. The organization claims to have made strategic mistakes and fell victim to another blow to another company, JJ Invest, which would have disappeared with $ 170 billion in fraudulent investment schemes.

He notes, Miner said he "always warned everyone about the risks of investing in the financial market" and that the leakage question was used in "playful tomes" "to illustrate how risky stocks and derivatives were, even hair. but many of us will question such a possibility. "

Now, Miner's customers in Ceará are moving to block all the assets of the manager as a way to ensure that investments will be fully refunded. The information was confirmed by Fábio Timbó, a lawyer who represents about 50 people affected by the Miner's suspicious activity.

In all, in the state, Timbó stated that the Paulista company has more than 200 customers. The number is higher than the estimated estimate for ontem reporting from talks with Miner's investors. Shares of the Sao Paulo company led to losses of more than US $ 10 billion in investments by cearenses.

The lawyer further said that the investor initiatives represented by them, just over 50, were intended to block all of the Miner's assets. In addition, all institutions related to the investment market are being notified for the process to be formalized and explanations given.

"At the moment when the players were taken by surprise, they are trying to get back the capital provided with the respective return. The goal is to minimize prejudice. Consequently, in my understanding, what needs to be done is to come in with emergency measures, such as the goal of blocking the company's assets and we are already doing that, "explained Timbó.

"This was designed with the power of caution, analyzing cases similar to that of the Miner, such as that of JJ Invest, in which the players were deluded, proving that there was a regular business," he added.


As of now, the investor group is also making efforts to look for explanations such as B3, the Brazilian Stock Exchange, to find out if Miner actually had any resources invested; com Federal Revenue, to request bankruptcy of bank and telephone stealth of partners; and with the Securities Commission, for official measures to be taken in relation to the case.

"There was no movement in the market to justify a 75% loss, considering whether the Miner was operating within the legality and transparency," Timbó noted.

For the lawyer, Miner Investments' approach hides a disguised pyramid scheme of investment manager. "They were committing a crime against the financial system, crime against the popular economy, crime on the capital market and crime against the economic order and stardom. It was really a pyramid," he said.

I note, Miner Investimentos has reinforced that it has never had dishonest attitudes. "It's so true that the amounts owed to investors are being paid. If it were a scam, the amounts owed would have disappeared from the company's accounts," he said.

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