Monday , June 14 2021

The Premier League takes a decision that may affect the future of Brazilians in the league

The Premier League has made a decision that will change the future of many foreigners in the competition. According to information published on Tuesday (November 13) by the British newspaper Times, The league wants the number of foreigners allowed per club to drop from 17 to 12 next season.

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The proposal will be transferred to teams – currently 13 out of 20 are above the target number – this week. The goal is to enter into an agreement with the FA (Football Association) on behalf of Brexit and also to improve the quality of local talent. If the proposal is closed, the Federation will not veto any additional work visa for returning players.

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With the departure of England from the European Union, the athletes born in the bloc countries will also be considered foreigners. Therefore, despite their agreement to remove the gringos, the clubs had no impediments to the employment of the 12 players born outside of England.

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Currently, 18 Brazilians play English football, League record. See the full list below:

Allison – Liverpool

Bernard – Everton

Bernardo – Brighton

Leo Bontini – Wolves

Danilo – Manchester City

David Lewis – Chelsea

Aderson – Manchester City

Fabinio – Liverpool

Felipe Anderson –

Fernandinho – Manchester City

Pyrmino – Liverpool

Fred – Manchester United

Gabriel Yeshua – Manchester City

Kennedy – Newcastle

Lucas Mora – Tottenham

Andreas Ferreira – Manchester United

Richardson – Everton

Willian –

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