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Unicamp 2019: The first phase of the entrance exam is applied to 76,300 this coming Sunday; See Campinas and Region guidelines

Unicamp applies on Sunday (18) the first phase of the 2019 college exam for 76,300 applicants in 30 cities in Sao Paulo and five other capitals. The Comst committee of the process recommends that the candidate arrive at the checkpoint at 12 o'clock, as the entrance will be allowed until 13:00. 2,500 places are offered in 69 undergraduate courses, and this is the first edition in which the university adopts ethnic-racial quotas to increase social inclusion.

The evaluation consists of 90 questions to choose from, each with four alternatives. The minimum time is 3h30, while the maximum is 5 hours. See below for content distribution:

  • 13 questions in Portuguese and Portuguese language literatures
  • 13 Questions in Mathematics
  • 9 questions in history
  • 9 questions of geography (including philosophy and sociology)
  • 9 questions in physics
  • 9 questions in chemistry
  • 9 questions of biology,
  • 7 questions in English,
  • 12 Interdisciplinary Topics

The competition for regular jobs was stronger in this edition, due to the implementation of new models of entry, among them, reserves of 645 seats through the National Enem Examination. On the other hand, the candidate could participate in both groups.

Compared to the previous year, the average candidate vacancy ratio from 25.1 to 29.5, according to Unicamp. Check below, table with the ten most career searching institution:

Candidate – vacant candidate in university entrance examination

of course 2018 2019
Medicine (Integral) 278.9 330.0
Architecture and Urbanism (Night Life) 97.6 102.4
Biological Sciences (Integral) 51.8 57.9
Social Communication – Mediology 48.5 54.6
Computer Science (Night) 27.9 39.1
Pharmacy (Integral) 29.1 38.5
Chemical Engineering (Integral) 34.8 37.8
Computer Engineering (Integral) 24.1 35.7
Nursing (Integral) 30.1 34.9
Dentistry (Integral) 32.1 34.6

Unicamp of balance

Number of records between 2014 and 2019 editions.

Source: Comvest

What can lead to a test?

  • Original identity document found in the registry;
  • A black pen in transparent material, a black eraser pencil;
  • Transparent ruler and compass;
  • Water, juices, sweets;
  • You may wear shorts and light clothing
  • Mobile devices (must be disconnected immediately when entering the room and put in packaging, can be removed after the candidate leaves the building);
  • Electronic equipment, digital watches, liquid dispenser, pencil sharpener, text mark, bandana / scarf, hat, hat or other foreign material for test;
  • The candidate can use the clock to control time, but he should stay on the ground.

In addition to 30 cities in Sao Paulo, including the capital, the first stage of college entrance examination will apply in other countries. Salvador (BA) and Curitiba (PR) were included in the list of Unicamp this year, estimates will also be made in Belo Horizonte (MG), Brazil (DF) and Fortaleza (CE).

Sao Paulo Center for 17,400 applicants, the largest number of enrolled in the exam; While the other five will be tested by 7,300 students. Together, in the areas of Campinas (SP) and Piracicaba (SP) there are 21.2 thousand registered in the municipalities of Campinas (SP), Sumaré (SP), Valinhos (SP), Mogi Guaçu (SP), Limeira (SP), Indaiatuba (SP) Piracicaba (SP), according to Comvest.

Every Sunday night, G1 Will Unofficial feedback Of the first stage.

  • Approved list in the first stage, sights for the second stage and sections: December 10
  • Discovery of the first stage: December 20
  • The second stage events: January 13, 14 and 15
  • Specific Skills Testing: January 21-25
  • First discovery: February 11
  • Tuition fees: February 12
  • Discovery of second stage grades and classification: February 14

The option to cover the college entrance exam. Of the UniCamp for 2019 was left on the side of 45% of the students who declared themselves, blacks and browns, according to Coombs. The total represents 9.1 thousand among 16,600 applicants of this group, and 12% of the total 76.3 thousand who seek a place at the university.

Founded in 1966, the State University has 34,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs, according to the official website. The three campuses, located in the cities of Campinas, Limeira and Piracicaba, comprise 24 teaching and research units.

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