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Unilever expands factory in South Minas Grays – Economy

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Unilever Brazil announced today that it will expand its operations in Minas next year. On Thursday, senior officials of the multinational and the city of Pozo Allegra, in the south of the country, signed a protocol of intent to expand the plant. From 2019, Helman's Mayonnaise production line will be made in the municipality of Minas Grays, in addition to other items. According to Renato Miatello, vice president of the company's supply chain, investments will reach R 127 million. The company expects additional revenues of $ 290 million in the next year and $ 1 billion in 2020.

In addition to Mayonnaise, there will be sauces made with salad, mustard, ketchup, seasoning and pasta, desserts and prepared foods. The multinational company operates in Poso Allegra with the production of soups, soups and soy spices. The municipality also operates one of Unilever's main distribution centers. The line of maioneses was activated in the city, but about 12 years ago it was transferred to Goinia (GO) and now it does the opposite.

Unibler Brasil sold the tomato business to another company, and today only the mayonnaise plant is in its shade on a building that we built, and the production of mayonnaise three times higher, which requires more infrastructure, "said Miatello, justifying the change. Other criteria considered the municipality's selection, according to management, such as location, geography, ease of access and proximity to large consumer centers, energy availability and quality of work.

The expectation that the expansion of the industrial plant will manage approximately 350 direct and indirect jobs. The works have already begun. Renato Miatello said that the multinational intends to invest heavily in the country, despite the economic crisis. "We continue to invest heavily in Brazil, independent of the recession and the crisis of the past few years.The next year, the company is 90 years old and has a strong investment plan.We still believe in the country," he confirmed.

Unilever has more than 400 brands, present in 190 countries, serving 2.5 billion consumers per day. With 161,000 employees and more than half (57 percent) of its operations concentrated in emerging markets, the company generated sales of 53.7 billion euros in 2017, according to the company.

The expansion of the factory was celebrated by the mayor of Pozo Allegra, Rafael Sims (PSDB), who believes that the city will soon be "one of the most important of Minas." According to Dino Francesco, the economic development of the city preferred the opportunity of the company to increase its industrial plant in the city, as well as the city's policy to offer businesses the possibility of settling in the city. "Pouso Alegre is an easy-to-sell city, because of a host of characteristics that make it stand out in the Brazilian scenario, it is in the geographic center of the four largest consumer centers, in addition to good quality jobs and infrastructure," he said.

The municipality hopes to attract more large companies in the coming months. The intention is to make the city among the 15 best investments in the country. "In addition, we have to be here for the next two years on R $ 1.2 billion (in investments), which will generate 4,000 new direct jobs." With respect to the charge, therefore, with the effect on the municipality's collection, it is about 6 Billion, "estimated Francesco.

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