Monday , June 21 2021

Without concessions, Bolsonaro's budgetary government can undergo a blockade of resources The Day

Minister of Defense of Bolsonaro, Guedes will travel to Davos with the president. Reform to be announced after return –

River – Despite the promise of economic minister Paulo Guedes to close the public account deficit by the end of the year, the first review of Jair Bolsonaro on the budget should be bad for the government. The economic team works to ensure greater dividend income and increase the collection with concessions and avoid a bigger problem soon in the government. At present there is a risk of blockade of resources for ministries and other agencies.

According to the Estadão / Transdono, a state-of-the-art news platform of the State Group, the Mines and Energy Ministry do not want to formalize the document the estimated cost of R $ 12 billion on the sale of Eletrobrás. The need for formalization by means of technical note is a requirement of the Union's Court of Accountants (TCU). Sources said MME refuses to predict this cost in the report because it knows that the risk is great that it does not happen.

The warning signal of the problems was unleashed to the team members. The losses majors shown in the first review of the Budget, except for Eletrobrás, of real income and a lower collection with Social Security.

The search for more concessions and privatization income was part of the strategy for the meeting of Guedes in Davos. It also mobilizes other regions. As the Statistics / Broadcast showed, the Ministry of Economy asked for regulatory agencies to report income revenues for concessions this year in the areas of oil, mining and energy. The Investment Partnership Program (PPI) will be sent to the ministries that have state plans that include privatization, liquidation and extinction.

Guedes marked in Davos, in the Swiss Alps, where he attended the World Economic Forum, which tries to close the accounts with $ 20bn in privatization and concessions and cut $ 10 billion in subsidy. He promised to release the expected deficit of up to $ 139 billion.


The areas of interest for investors in Davos in investing conversations have been the possibility of IPOs from some Federal Companies of Caixa Econômica, mainly the insurance area, to unlock "value" and strengthen the government's happy and happy sales. Petrobras, according to a source. The privatization of Eletrobrás, although it did not lose strength, was not an agenda in Davos. The information is from the newspaper O State of S. Paulo.

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