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Bulgaria The metropolitan municipality will not buy the house of Yavorov

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Agencies estimate that apartments in the capital will rise by a maximum of 10% in 2018.

January 19, 2018

Legal analysis of the ownership of the house of Yavorov on the street GS Rakovski showed many ambiguity that make the acquisition risky. This can be done only after clearing the burden on the property and refining its territory, said Mayor Yordanka Fandakova through her profile on the social network.

"The house of Yavorov is one of the most important cultural and architectural monuments of Sofia, which keeps the memory of one of the most beloved Bulgarian poets, so a month ago I announced that the Sofia municipality was interested in buying the house, announced the auction, preserved as a museum of Yavorov and a place for culture. .. Legal analysis of the property showed many ambiguity which the current owner Vasil Panchev (in fact Panchev is the owner of the company owner Dom Yavorov) and his creditor, the previous director of "Dom Yavorov" Volume A. "At this time, the acquisition of risky property for any potential buyer, Including the municipality, "writes the mayor.

At an auction in October

The street house 136 "Rakovski" was announced for auction on October 15 with a starting price of 1 628 758 BGN, and today is the deadline for proposals of potential buyers.

Although it functions as a museum, the house is privately owned – it was restituted in the 1990s and shortly thereafter it was purchased by people and companies related to the Masonic Lodge in Bulgaria.

Volodya Luzanov is the director of "Dom Yavorov" (formerly known as "Pan 2003") between 2009 and 2013. During this period, the house was enslaved to Emil Harzaf, "sword-sharing". In the amount of € 1 million. The loan is given for "redevelopment" of the house. But it was not done. In 2013, Lozanov left the house Yavorov, and Valery Mitkov and Angel Kabakchiev came in his place. The loan from Harssev stops service somewhere in 2014, and Volodya Lozanov buys the parallels and becomes loyal of Dom Yavorov. Since 2015, Volodya Lozanov and Valery Mitkov have been a claim for some non-service loan, as Lozanov won in all cases, and the Supreme Court paragraphs have rule on the case in February 2019.

Out of lot lot of the house it is clear that she has old mortgages before Raiffeisenbank.

Vasyl Panchev joins the Yavorov house in 2016, when the property has been very heavy. He made some repairs to strengthen the house, which, among other things, in poor condition with many constructive problems. Even then, negotiations began between him and the Ministry of Culture to replace the property, since the house in which the Yavorov Museum was located had become state property. The procedure was not closed for the same reason why the Sofia municipality can not buy the house today – the outposts.

Legal analysis of the Sofia municipality

"First of all, the litigation, which led to the current public sale, not completed." The decision of the Court of Appeal of Sofia in the case between the debtor Dom Yavorov EOOD and the concessionaire Volodya Lozanov appeal to the Supreme Court of Congress. Planned for 19.02.2019 risk to any potential buyer until the final decision of the Supreme Court of Appeals is enormous, ie pay the price set – 1 628 758.08 BGN with VAT, without the municipality actually entering the possession of property, it is not acceptable to block even one small resource Public, without the ability to exercise the rights of the landlord, and if the court fulfills the debtor's complaint, then the land for the current public sale is also reduced, "quotes Pendekova's legal analysis.

Second, legal analysis of ownership showed that apart from the May 2018 ban on the current public sale, there are two additional foreclosures on the property with another private official – one from January 2015 and one from September 2018 (but not expressed in the Land Registry). For the benefit of a third party. It is not clear whether the debtor has announced a break, and then cessions in such a situation there is a real possibility of the current owner's order and his creditor must clear all these ambiguity along with the private enforcement agent and give security to the potential buyer of the other burden on the property, "writes the mayor Also.

It is unclear what the area is

"Third, we analyzed all the documents on the property where we found a series of gaps: on the one hand, regarding the area of ​​†<†<inferior land, on the map cadastral property is 319 square meters, according to the preliminary documents for the property is 207 square meters," according to the program adopted in In contrast, for the restitution of property, donations, sales and building and property agents, which in recent decades 20, not all documents are available and should be, "says Pandakova. According to her, the lawyers of the municipality have learned all the accessible documents since 1899 when Vasil Belenyski acquired a property of 207 sq. M. Rakovski street, construction and subsequent reconstruction of the building.

Before clearing any of these questions, property acquisition is risky and involves the risk of new court cases with clear exit and new duties that any buyer, including the municipality, would have entered, including lawyers. "The house is protected as a monument of culture, and any idea that can be upgraded and built is impossible, so it is not an object that can bring in large revenues, especially in a short period of time.This situation from the investor's perspective the property and building are not attractive because the first thing to do Is the complete reconstruction and constructive strengthening of our house Yavorov's intention of the house to make municipal property remains but all disputes and other disputes to be finally settled before or at the latest with the sale. The price announced is large enough and this requires both the municipality and the current owner to act responsibly. "

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