Sunday , January 24 2021

European exchanges report earnings on Wednesday

European shares recorded an increase in the trade session on Wednesday despite the ongoing conflict between Rome and Brussels over the budgetary plan of Italy, Reuters reports.

The general European index Stoxx 600 is about to end a five-day series of sessions in the red sector, which brought the reference to two years under October. In today's business, Stoxx 600 has earned 2,7 points, or 0.62% up to 353.23 points.

FTSE 100 Exchange Exchange Exchanges increase 73.76 points, or 1.06% to 7,021.68 points. The German DAX rises with 96.94 points, or 0.88%, to 11 163.35 points. The French CAC 40 rose 23.05 points, or 0.47% to 4,947.94 points.

The total rate of Italian banks .FTIT8300 rose 2.5% after the media reported that the Italian vice president, Matteo Salvini, was ready to negotiate the border budget for 2019, fleeing the hopes that Rome could avoid collision with the European Commission. Later these hopes were overwhelmed by Salvini, who announced that he would not negotiate for Italy's budgetary deficit.

The largest European bank index. X7P was the largest winner in early business, accounting for an increase of around 1%, while the European Sh8P index rose 0.4%.

Although most sectors have registered profits, investors have been worried about concerns about slowing up economic growth and earnings.

Communities of Babanock's binational defense company Babcock International collapsed 12% after the company invested £ 120m in commercial reconstruction and warned of lower than expected benefits of its nuclear power removal.

Issues of British Chemical Company Johnson Matthey climbed to the top of STOXX with an increase of 8% after the company raised its revenue forecast for the year.

Losing in the United States

Drop in installments ended with trading in Wall Street yesterday after the technological sector continued its decline in the red territory.

At the end of the trade, Dow Jones's industrial index lost 551.80 points or 2.21% up to 24 465.64 points. The broader Standard & Poor 500 fell 48.84 points, or 1.82%, to 2 641.89 points, and the Nasdaq High-tech Index fell by 119.65 points, or 1.70%, up to 6 908.82 points, falling below the 7000 points .

The main culprits for the losses were again the companies called the FAANG group, which include the actions of the most popular technology companies – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google. Facebook shares around 0.5 percent while Amazon and Netflix have spread almost 1 percent of market value. Apple's stock fell by 5.2%

Asia has not determined direction

The exchange exchanges in Asia ended with the today's session. Tokke Stock Exchange Nikkei 225 decreased 75.58 points, or 0.35% to 21,507.54 points, and moved closer to its lowest value in one month after operations in the energy and technology sector lost losses. Inpex, Japan's oil, fell 3.7 percent, while Olympus lost 4.4 percent. The actions of Nissan managed to recover after the losses of yesterday around the arrest of Carlos Gono, with the company reporting benefits of 0.36%.

Kospi from South Korea fell 6.03 points, or 0.29 percent, to 2,076,55 points, while in Australia ASX 200 dropped 29.00 points, or 0.51 percent to 5 642.80 points.

The Hang Seng rate in Hong Kong reported revenue of 131.13 points, or 0.51% to 25,971.47 points, after the Tencent technological giant's actions rose 1.4%. In Mainland China, Shanghai's Comprehensive index increased 5,65 points, or 0.21%, up to 2 651.51 points, while the smaller Shenzhen Compound increased by 7.51 points, or 0.54% to 1 386, 43 points.

In our country

The Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) followed the positive way of European markets and registered business benefits. SOFIX is the only one in the red zone, registering a drop of 1.88 points, or 0.32%, up to 585.10 points. BGBX40 rose 0.15 points, or 0.13%, to 114.42 points. BGTR30 is up to 0.06 points, or 0.01%, up to 487.35 points. BGREIT registered an increase of 0.24 points, or 0.21% to 116.99 points.

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