Monday , January 25 2021

Levski turns to legend

Levski's leadership is determined to solve the problem of the goalkeeper with Grana. The club is very close to signing with Nikolai Mikhailov, who is expected to return to his native club 12 years after his transfer to Liverpool.

However, this will not be the only change, as goalie goalkeeper goalkeeper Valentin Zahariev also has his shot. The time of the specialist expires soon will be replaced, informed colleagues from Sportal.

Weak performances by Bozhidar Mitrev and Martin Polacek shook the coach of the post, but Nikolay Krastev's performance in the control of Montana (2: 3) overcame the cup. So the boss of "Blue" has already told the main viewers and the potential sports director, Kirill Vangelov, that they need immediate changes. The 26-year-old's bosses can not believe that all their gatekeepers make childish mistakes, play without confidence, and get no logical explanation for this situation from their personal trainer, who accused Stenymir Stilov of being a coward. That's why it will change.

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The number one favorite for the post is one of the biggest favorites in the sector and the fans of the club – Dimitar Ivanov, he also studied "A 43-year-old former goalkeeper is a leftist at the bottom of his soul, with 275 games and 24 goals for the club. He is a three-year-old champion and wins five times in the Bulgarian Cup with the Blue. He has 64 games with Bulgaria's national shirt Sofia has received a license in recent years when he sees his future in training.

He was very close to a contract twice in Turkey, but in the end things did not work, and now he is free. The international experience he has acquired during his career in Levski and abroad, as well as the mentality of the winner and the blue spirit he brings in his heart, make it a central favorite.The only concern may be that there is no professional training experience, but for a real packer, which would be a better place than His home to launch a new adventure.

As is known, Ivankov is the most successful European goalkeeper in football. He has 42 goals in his career for the elite team, making it the fourth for all time in history (Brazilian Rogerio Sni is the leader – 131 goals, the second Paraguay Jose Luis Cilavert – 67 goals, and the third is the Mexican Jorge Campus, who has 46 nudes) More to watch the old continent with more hits from it.

All Ivankov's goals are penalties, and Slavisa Stojanovic may also use him to teach his players to win 11-meter penalties after losing more than 10 last year in the official games.

Among the options discussed are Lyubomir Sheytanov, who has much experience and is now free. It will not be a big surprise if Slavisa Stojanovic, who is also not satisfied with the performance of the goalkeepers, will offer a coach from abroad for this post.Although this is the least likely that the Serbian wants the Bulgarians have their headquarters and staff who know what is Levski. However, there is a blatant need for an expert to be in charge of goalkeepers, take a position and responsibility, and put them in shape.

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