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Sports Inspired by Zverev, Djokovic laid his knees on his lap and seized the title in London

Inspired by Zverev, Djokovic laid his knees on his lap and seized the title in London

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Alexander Zverb won the ATP Final after sending the world # 1 Novak Djokovic in an amazing London game. The German tennis player showed a completely different face than his first match with Djokovic. He played an inspired game and broke 6: 4, 6: 3 in Serbia for an hour and 21 minutes.

Zvezd is the youngest champion in the tournament by Novak Djokovic in 2008. He only participated for the second time in the race of the eight best season, and a year ago he did not skip the team. He is the first German Boris Becker in 1996, which raises the title in the final of the ATP.

The German stopped Djokovic on his way to the sixth title of the ATP final, with which he had refused from Switzerland with Roger Federer. World No. 1 failed to repeat Zivorb Ivan Landel's current coach in 1986, winning the tournament without losing a team.

They met for the fourth time and Zubrev got his second win against World No. 1. He repeated two consecutive losses he was from Djokovic in Shanghai just over a month ago and during the London team. In the previous two games, Zavreve managed to win only eight games, but this time he was at a very high level.

On the way to his biggest career title, Zavreve managed to remove Federer and World Number 1. This is the fourth title for him in 2018 after those in Munich, Madrid and Washington.

Dujkovic also has four degrees a year, all of whom won the second half.

During the entire tournament, Djokovic was not shot once, but in the final game, Zvrab won four times the submission of 14 Grand Slam titles. The German finished the game with 10 impressive aces.

World No. 1 ended this year with 53 wins and 12 losses, and the young Zverb with 58 wins and 19 defeats.

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