Thursday , June 17 2021

There are acts of protesters on the traffic blocked, admitted Malden Marinov

There are acts of protesters to block traffic on the road with their private cars. Civilians demonstrate within the limits of their rights as permitted by law.

This was stated by the Bulgarian Interior Minister Maladan Marinov in Sliaban, where he met with mayors to discuss the interaction between the local government and the police in ensuring public order and security.

On demonstrations Mladenov wants to places where protests prove in the municipality, The police organize the movement and do not keep provocateurs. Police attention should also be paid to protests that have not been given such approval. According to him, most checks are without notice in the municipalities on the ground.

On Sunday's blockade on the roads and main roads of the country, the interior minister appealed to the demonstrators. "I read all of you perfectly – Protests to be made by law, peaceful. Do not go into provocation with the police. Police orders are being carried out, and we are there to ensure this right to anyone who protests legally, "Marinov said.

The minister did not want to comment on the opinion of one of the six police unions that support the demonstrations. "Trade unions … speak with representatives of trade unions."

Let us remember, Mothers of children with disabilities protested for 22 days with the request for resignation Deputy Prime Minister Valery Simeonov, Who called them "shy women with seemingly ill children."
At the same time in many cities of the country Citizens protest against high gas prices.

The interior minister said so There is no way for a policeman to be in every village. Such an answer was made by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on January 4, 2017, after he resigned as prime minister from his second term.

At the very beginning of the third period GERB said that there can be no policeman in any village – on 12 May 2017 former Interior Minister Valentin Radev He frankly said that it will further increase the state in the Interior Ministry.

His successor, Malden Marinov, said after his meeting with Sullivan Instead of a policeman in each village: "We'll look for options like video surveillance, working with security companies And interaction with local authorities. "

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