Monday , January 25 2021

16-bit video game Stranger Things & # 39; you're on the way

Prepare to play at Upside Down …

Strangers Things are set to receive the gameplay, with a new adaptation focused around the events of the next third season.

The game is described as an "Adventure RPG that pays homage to the 16-bit era" and was confirmed by the creators Matt and Ross Duffer at The Game Awards.

It is developed by BonusXP, who were previously responsible for the Stranger Things mobile game, which does not seem too different from the new offer.

In the game's first trailer, fans have the opportunity to play as Jim Hopper and Steve Harrington – who are attacking the other world's creatures of the show and collecting coins before fleeing to the security of archery.

Although the release date has yet to be confirmed, the game is supposed to come to "all platforms", and it is expected that the game will fall around Summer 2019 – which could coincide with the launch of the third season.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that they originally aimed to kill some beautiful characters at the end of Season One.

In a new book called Strange Subjects: Worlds Shown Up, the Duffer brothers shared their original plans for Netflix's network – including some who would completely change the following seasons.

Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) was one of the main characters that did not want to survive. "Eleven will forget to save the day," said Ross Duffer. "That was always the final game.

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