Monday , January 25 2021

Apple Contemplates Low Costing Streaming Dongle [Report]

Apple is said to have considered the launch of a new low-cost dongle cost to complete its upcoming video services, informs The Information. The dong could help make the service more accessible to viewers.

The technique giant had internal discussions about introducing low "dongle" prices that people could plug into the back of their televisions, similar to the Amazon Fires or Google Chromecast, people known to the project. The dongle could do Apple's upcoming videos, which will only be available on Apple devices such as the Apple TV, iPhones and iPad-more widely available. The service will be rolled out worldwide the next year. Displays for Apple will be free for the service.

Currently Apple sells Apple TV 4K from $ 179. It's just a bit more than two minutes like the FireTV 4K (currently sold for $ 34.99) and the 4K Roku Streaming Stick + at $ 59.99. Recent rumors have suggested that Apple appliances, such as the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, will receive free access to the streaming service. However, it seems unlikely that Apple would have free access to original content with just a low-cost dongle purchase.

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Apple Contemplates Low Costing Streaming Dongle [Report]

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