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Class Naomi Osaka is able to taste Australian Open Winning – RT Sport News

The Japanese tennis stand Naomi Osaka captured the Australian Open title and world-wide number 1-spot hitting Petra Kvitova – in scenes that narrowly contrasted with her maid Grand Slam defeated Serena Williams last year.

Osaka, 21, added the Australian Open title to his United States Open title with a tough fight, a three-year win over very small Czech Petrova in a game that entertained fanatics under the lights in Melbourne.

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The victory of Osaka Down Under, and an accompanying post-match presentation, in which both players were given excerpt, was very different from the victory over Serena Williams in New York City in September.

In this case, the triumph of the young man of the Grand Slam Japanese team came up with a poisonous background, driven by Williams's poisonous extraordinary winner, Carlos Ramos.

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In Melbourne, rather than crying tears of misery, Osaka collapsed in unbridled joy because her reach of winners back to the back Grand Slams began to deepen.

With the limitation firmly on her and her fulfillment, the young person then gave a characteristic frightening fun speech, strengthening himself to tennis fans by acknowledging "Public speech is not really my strong suit".

"I read notes before this, but I still forgot what I supposed to say!" she then laughed out of the crowd.

She also paid tribute to his beaten opponent Kvitova, who scored plagues to fight back from a career-threatening knife attack two years ago to coincide, what would be the third title of Grand Slam.

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It was difficult to ignore the contradiction with the scenes last time when Osaka had been awarded a Grand Slam title to the crowd's railroad back after the Williams calumny's calumny.

This was something that was not lost in some social media.

Australian newspaper The Herald Sun, edited in a row over a Serena Williams cartoon last year after the US Open controversy, said that this time there was "Not sulking loser" to damage the Osaka match.

Others paid equal taxes to Kvitova, which imposed three championship points in a typically hard way in the second set to almost turn the tossing of the match before Osaka reaffirmed himself in the third set.

Osaka's success was accompanied by a series of first-even she was the first Asian player to face the world's tennis singles-likewise the first woman to win her two Big Slams back to the back of Jennifer Capriati at the beginning of the century.

Others simply paid tribute to two inspirational players who provided a suitable statement to the women's singles in Melbourne.

One fan simply wrote that the world "do not deserve" Naomi Osaka.

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