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Commercial deadlift returns leave Blue Jays betting on surprise stars


KANSAS CITY – Still scratching your heads? Maybe throwing things against the wall, swearing you acted with the Toronto Blue Jays until the front changed? Struggling to understand how Marcus Stroman, Aaron Sanchez, Joe Biagini, Daniel Hudson, David Phelps and Eric Sogard no longer gave in?

You are not alone. As a single player, mulling over the return of Houston Astros outfielder Derek Fisher for Sanchez, Biagini and prospect Cal Stevenson, a deal struck just before 4 p.m. ET deadline on Wednesday, put it: "Really? That's it?"

Yes, that's right, and in some ways, that betting on the Blue Jays is even riskier than the jump they made to jump the market and send Stroman to the New York Mets for triple A-left Anthony Kay and low-A right. Simeon Woods Richardson. Or in holding on to Ken Giles, who was in potential deals with the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians just until the extermination arrived.

To move Sanchez, something they could only do by linking him with Biagini and Stevenson, the Blue Eagles lent the potential for him to regaining his 2016 form, something that the analytically gifted Astros can certainly push forward, and perhaps bring back more value. by the way.

They did this to get Fisher, a former top-100 prospect who plays all three outfield positions, projects as a better defender at center than Teoscar Hernandez, bats left and walks, but who also has .649 OPS in 312 plate appearances. and will remain out of elections next year.

There's not much of a run for him, and if you think he's a left-handed version of Hernandez, or a higher version of Billy McKinney, well, you're not entirely wrong.

Considering what forced the Blue Areas to make this deal? Why wouldn't they keep Sanchez for 2020, his final year before free agency, let him rebuild properly after consecutive winters of recovery and then see what you have then?

"Of course we considered that," said general manager Ross Atkins. "It really counts how much we value Derek Fisher and how much we are excited about him."

The Blue Eagles and Astros have long discussed Fisher. His name has repeatedly appeared in negotiations between two teams, which have now made five tackles since the end of 2016. Even as the 37th overall pick in 2014 began a trend toward a four-A trajectory, interest never waned.

Packing Sanchez and Biagini together created an opportunity. Biagini's market has been limited and even more so for Sanchez, who still has that electric thing going on in 2016, but apparently not the faith of mainstream offices that he will consistently endure it as a starter. Some teams rated him a rebounding starter, while others as a reliever of conversion projects.

If the Blue Eagles kept him, they would have to pay him a hefty salary – he makes $ 3.9 million this year – to be the starter of an ERA champion caliber again, or a reliever who may reach no more than 2020 Thomas . Hatch at next year's deadline.

Toronto chose to play it safe. Welcome to the Blue Jays outfield, Derek Fisher.

"Sanchez, because of the control and where we are with him, we felt we had to at least consider that opportunity," Atkins said.

"He was an incredible pitcher, certainly for 2015 and '16, for the Toronto Blue Jays. He has been running hard for the past several years. I hope he bounces back and returns to the best player he can possibly be. I'll draw for him. We had other opportunities, as we do with any other player, and a lot of teams to ponder. This was the best thing that presented itself. "

They've taken it, and it'll look really bad if Sanchez regains his form with Astros and Fisher continues to roll his wheels. Both are very real possibilities. As Fisher pulls off – the Blue Jays' inside draft picks suggest he has the potential to be a productive hitter at the big-league level – while Sanchez flops and Biagini continue to throw a 28-ton, 17-minute half-innings.

You have to wonder if there was a better confidence between Sanchez and the Blue Sox, their relationship being eaten by his finger upset the past two seasons if the bet were different. Next year and a half will solve that.

Even more, by carefully and appreciating the work of the week as a whole, you again wonder where the Blue Theerots will find the tall pits they need to take over the envelope.

Atkins and company did a nice job of making incremental gains in the exchanges that added Randal Grichuk, Trent Thornton, Hernandez and Jacob Waguespack, among others, but wasted no opportunity to exploit J.A. Fortunately last year about Brandon Drury and McKinney.

This was their last major sale of the rebuild, though Giles will be playing during the off-season, when the Blue Aries are betting they will do better than they do now. What is at this point is their basis for expanding in the future, the opportunities to speed up the project are gone.

Fisher, who runs Aug. 26 through Aug. 21, was a bit of an outspoken, very risky, high-quality play, but on the sidelines, they didn't get the kind of "arm that excites you," in the words of one scout. They will have to be bold in a way, so far, they have not yet built a staff that can win the American League in the East, and just figuring that the kids will do it almost always ends in pain.

Depth is great, but this is also a combination of talent for some game-changing performers.

"We will not have game-changing talent in our system until it has acted in the major leagues," Atkins said.

"A lot of times, I think the best stories in baseball happen deep. We work very hard to identify just one player and to project when we get our first-round pick or when we are targeting a player for a trade with the size of Marcus Stroman. Those players typically have greater chances of having that game changing talent, but there are too often stories through baseball where players enter a game development system and take important steps and become players like (Jacob) DeGrom, or players like Corey Kluber or players like Mike Clevinger, who didn't have enough. the pedicure.

"We're sure we'll have a history of that group and we're sure whether Nate Pearson and Simeon Woods Richardson and Alek Manoah are more likely to change the game? Sure. But we feel like Patrick Murphy and Anthony Kay and (others) that group (of pitchers in the system) will have an incredible story that will turn into game-changing talent. "

Well, their pool is full and the Blue Cheers are jumping right in. Dive in or swim for this group of young players, and the front that brought them together.

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