Friday , July 30 2021

DUI suspects in Tesla perhaps sleeping with an automatic driver

PALO ALTO, Ca. – A police in California arrested a man who was drunken and slept in his Tesla while it lasted 70 mph in a automatic regime along the freeway.

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3:30 a.m. Friday, California Highway Patrol officers noticed Tesla Model S traveling south on Highway 101. The officers went by the vehicle that traveled at 70 mph, and observed the driver, Alexander Samek, supposedly asleep. CHP then used both lights and sirens trying to wake up Samek, but he was "unresponsive", according to California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Art Montiel.

Given that the vehicle was in automatic regime, the officers finally stopped the vehicle by driving before the Tesla and gradually slowed down, assuming that the driver's aid would work would finish the car.

The vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, and officers tried to wake up Samek.

"Officers approached the Tesla and tried to wake up Samek by knocking the window and giving oral orders. After Samek woke up and left the Tesla, he was located in the back of the patrol and took off the freeway to the Shell Station of Embarcadero Road at West Bayshore Road while the other officer led the Tesla of the freeway, "according to Montiel.

In the inn, Samek failed a field of sobriety and was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

According to KRON4. the CHP said in a statement that it had not yet been confirmed that an automatic driver was hired:

"We can not confirm at the time, if the" driver's help "was activated but considering the vehicle's ability to slow down when Samek slept, it seems that the driver's assistant function could have been active."

The California Highway Patrol published the details of the incident on their Facebook page:

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